About Us


HP LED LIGHTING is a diversified technology company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of Lighting. The company provides energy efficient lighting solutions and new lighting applications. Our commitment is to deliver new lighting technologies, as well as innovative and locally relevant consumer products that make a real difference to our customers, consumers and stakeholders across the India. We believe that the best way for us to do this, is through deep understanding of people’s needs and desires. When we bring the two together – people and innovation – we create the next generation of technology and things that people truly want and need. These are meaningful innovations that help people to be healthy, live well and enjoy life. It is our privilege to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer with some milestones


The team at HP LED Lighting works hard on bringing you innovative lighting solutions. We are guided in our efforts by a visionary leadership

Mr. Sanjay Kumar (Founder)

Shri Sanjay Kumar is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in the electronics industry. Starting with a small shop in Haridwar he has helped build HP LED Lighting to a leading lighting solutions provider. His vision has guided the company to new achievements and milestones

Mr. Prateek Gola (MD)

Prateek Gola is a B.Tech in Electronics & Communication and a graduate from CDAC.  He has worked in leading organizations like Siemens before joining HP LED Lighting. He has developed innovative products which have been well received by the consumer.His efforts have helped the company become the leader in the industry

Mr. Himanshu  Arya (Marketing Head)

Himanshu  Arya is a B.Tech in Electronics & Communication.  Over the last 8 years he has helped to expand HP LED Lighting to new markets and make the company a brand name to be reckoned with. He heads the marketing and business development division of the company and is responsible for many new initiatives.